Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Google Places Pages Can Take Any Business Right to the Top of the Search Results

To better understand the power of Google Searches, Google Maps and Google Places, please have a look at the following statistics, changes, and challenges, which we, as a not-so-tech-savvy people have had to face in the past few years alone!
Almost 50 % of people today, 2011, use Google when searching for a local business online. To carry out these searches, they either use a computer/laptop, or more often, their cell phone.
There are almost two billion internet connections world-wide; and surprisingly, over 5 billion mobile phones in use!

People are in love with their cell phones; and constantly play with them every chance they get. Their phones are always near or around them everywhere they go, even more so, than their own wallets and purses. That is, according to the latest research findings.

Not surprisingly then...

65% of people admit to sleeping with their cell phones.

Even children, barely able to walk have become web savvy...

92% of toddlers in one study, had already developed an online presence before the age of two.
How will your customers find the Yellow Pages, or through some dusty business directory, at your local library?

Or perhaps, by simply typing in your business name or business search term, into their web browser, probably from their smart phones, and letting the power of the Internet, mainly Google do the rest. Voila; within a split second 7 top search results appear. There could be less than 7; but no more than seven. There are only 7 spots shown by Google on the first page of Google Maps and Google Places listings in the Google organic search results. Everybody else, every other business, is listed on the following unseen-second, third, fourth-and so on, pages deeper down the well.

Most people in the know already know, that if you’re listed on the first page of Google, you can get all the free traffic you can handle. 

As of this year, Google continued to dominate the Search Engines. Here are the latest figures...
According to Net Marketshare. In December 2010, rankings the market share of web search engine, showed Google is 84.65%, Yahoo is 6.69%, Baidu is 3.39%, Bing is 3.29% and other is 1.98%.[11] The Google's worldwide market share peaked at 86.3% in April, 2010.[12]

Your business and business name is either in the top seven results, the only results shown on the first page...or you’re not seen or found on the other pages, because over 98% never go past the first page results.

Therefore, it is your duty as a businessperson to achieve first page listings for your business; especially, if you wish to dominate your marketplace, and stay, way ahead of your competition.

Again, whether there are ten other similar local businesses, one hundred, or thousands; Google will only bring up the top seven it considers the most relevant, according to your specific search terms and physical location....within Google Maps and Google Places.

But, once you’re in that first page, or near the top, you can command some amazing results. 

42% of people viewing that particular web page, that Google first page, focus on the top first place result, at the top of the page; 30% for the second, less than 20% for the third, and so on down to the seventh place result, which is about 4-5%.

Depending on your business, and because of your enviable and highly profitable first page position, your web pages or Google Place pages may be viewed hundreds and even thousands of times per month.

Translated into dollars...this can only mean BIG BUCKS...just ask any emergency trade service that`s listed in the top search results...their phones can sometimes ring off the hook.!!!

It`s no longer good enough to be the best or most professional in your business or profession; nowadays to be on top, you must stay on top of the Google Search results. It`s the only place, where your customers will always find you!

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